Fine Dining Restaurant in Labuan Bajo, Flores

Chef Patron Marco Bertini

His passion for traditional Italian cuisine is well reflected through the range of tantalizing flavors in our restaurant’s menu, whilst still being true to the heritage of his Tuscan origin. Everything he do is from scratch, from the heart, and to the highest standards. From the innovative creation of new menu, to the beautiful presentation of each dish, the Chef and his team are using fresh ingredients from our own in-land farm.

As one of the fine dining restaurant in Labuan Bajo, originality are just as important as everything else. Here at MadeInItaly we pride ourselves in delivering only the highest standard of classically inspired Italian cuisine, where we are constantly innovating in the pursuit of culinary perfection. 

The Locally Sourced Ingredients

Chef Patron Marco Bertini’s passion and vision was not limited to the cuisine itself. He wanted to work closely with local farmers, while educating them about healthy organic produce. Now, we have 2 permaculture synodic farms, where we got some of our fresh ingredients, with a combination of the finest imported ones.

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